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collaborative projects

I am interested in collaborative work with others who have a similar vision for reimagining learning, yet come from diverse disciplinary backgrounds. I’d love to share my educator perspective and approach as part of an interdisciplinary, collaborative team.


My favorite thing to do is notice and describe. I would love to do more of this, especially as part of a team of researchers examining an issue of learning. My experience as an educator and my approach to slow noticing can bring a layer of rich description and nuanced interpretation to a research project interested in learning more about learning.

racial equity 

I am interested in projects and groups of thinkers who are examining structural racism in schools and learning organizations, and who are working on specific projects to address causes, not symptoms of racial inequities.


I am interested in play as a method for learning. I am also interested in projects that are playful in approach or design or purpose. I am looking to connect with others who might want try something out of the ordinary in order to examine learning about learning.



Won’t you be my neighbor, too?

A “neighbor” in thinking, that is.

If you are looking to design a new project or research proposal or collaborative initiative that aligns with my interests, I’d love to connect for a conversation.

Please email me at or complete the contact form linked to the contact button above.