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atlas of ordinary things by Melissa Butler. Finishing Line Press, July 2019 (forthcoming; pre-sales March-May 2019)
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children’s books

in a button by Melissa Butler and Nicholas Hohman (forthcoming)

blog posts

“What I Have Learned From an Artist.” Remake Learning Blog. November 6, 2015

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curricula, learning progressions and thinking documents

Children’s Innovation Project preK-grade 3 Learning Progressions, written between 2012-15

Learning Progressions with Materials and Learning Progressions with Build-it, written for Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, 2013

Kindergarten Mathematics Overarching Documents, in support of CCSS alignment, written for Pittsburgh Public Schools, 2012
Kindergarten Integrated Curriculum Framework, co-written (with Renata Capozzoli) for Pittsburgh Public Schools, 2012
Pre-K curriculum for Mdumbi Education Centre, Eastern Cape, South Africa, 2010
Re-imagining Dialectics: a thought paper on teaching, 2007
On Noticing: a theoretical concept paper, 2007
Of Writing: a reflective essay, 2007
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A Parent’s Handbook: Our Children, K-5 / Mathematics Standards in Pittsburgh Public Schools, co-writer, Pittsburgh Council on Public Education publication, 2001
Common Language for Standards Initiative, Pittsburgh Public Schools, documents written for parents and teachers, 1999-2000