services offered


Descriptive documentation

for organizational learning, storytelling, or deep noticing of learning evidence. Other kinds of qualitative research services are also available.

Coaching and co-teaching

with educators around particular goals of practice grown from a trust-based approach.

Noticing workshops

for students, educators, families, or others in order to explore the learning dispositions we all hold and how to interrogate them to more readily embrace mistakes, not-knowing, slowness, boredom, and more.

Curriculum design

to grow new kinds of pedagogical approaches based in noticing that support children’s intrinsic motivation for learning during open-ended, interdisciplinary inquiry.

Conversation protocols

to support any goals of an organization, such as slowing down, deeper listening, description of student work, teacher-led inquiry, noticing new perspectives, conversations about race, noticing inequities in a space, among others.



A foundation for all services is an approach for noticing what’s already there. This allows learning to emerge from the inside—for children, educators, communities, and systems.

Growing from a place of inner knowing and strength allows learning to be internalized and sustained across context and time.

No deficits. No scarcity. No “improvement” models. No fixing.

This is about abundance—learning from a place of growth and joy.


Children’s Innovation Project consultation is available for:

  • curriculum design towards interdisciplinary computational thinking

  • pedagogical support for exploration with raw materials of technology

  • ways to grow open-ended space for innovation as finding something new inside something known


Every context is different and thus, services are tailored to meet varied interests and needs. Pricing for services is determined by context, type of service, and timeline.